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Non-stop inserting

Printing and inserting application are becoming ever more individual and varied, whilst each job becomes smaller. Machines idling between jobs due to the frequent changeover sequences represents one of the biggest challenges in document management. This is time when the machines are not earning money. With the right software from BÖWE SYSTEC it is possible to process letters faster and more efficiently. Here are five reasons why you, too, should use BÖWE Cockpit control software.


1. Job chan­ge­o­ver in no time

Small jobs entail frequent change-over sequences and production coming to a halt. The Fusion Cross inserting system allows job changes to be made within 90 seconds. It’s so simple because with BÖWE Cockpit we have developed control software that allows settings to be programmed in advance and then automatically implemented on the machine. The Fusion Cross even allows enclosure feeders to be swapped quickly and simply thanks to the open carrier concept of the device.


2. Operation becomes child’s play

BÖWE Cockpit software is both easy to understand and intuitive to operate. It guides the operator through the changeover process and offers assistance with manual changeover sequences. The smart man-machine interface communicates with the operator and guides the user, step by step, through the job set-up so that error rates are reduced to a minimum. A further plus is that in combination with the intuitive interface and touchscreens the software reduces training demands to a minimum.


3. Ideal for jobs, large and small

Printing and inserting applications are becoming ever more individual and varied. Frequent change-over sequences for small jobs and complex processes due to a wide range of materials are the consequence. BÖWE SYSTEC has an answer for this. Small-Batch-Processing software allows small jobs to be gathered together on a roll of paper and efficiently processed. The system automatically registers when a new job begins and production continues without having to stop. When a new job is detected the system makes any required adjustments, such as folding, automatically.


4. Manual work is a thing of the past

Manual processes make production demanding and costly. It also becomes more error prone. Long, time-consuming manual adjustments are no longer necessary with BÖWE Cockpit software. What’s more, you can safely leave your tools behind because it sets itself up completely automatically for whatever material (e.g. size etc.) is being processed. It is the BÖWE Intelligent Productivity System – BIPS for short – that makes this possible.


5. Digital networking of production

BÖWE Cockpit software networks the whole of production across both – systems and locations. It is a simple matter to transfer job and material descriptions from one machine to another, with the systems automatically setting themselves up for the requested application. By drawing on precise, real-time data it is also possible to identify potential improvements and achieve considerable productivity gains.


Secure competitive advantages

Commercial viability is an important aspect for service providers in the transactional segment, and in direct mail as well. With the Fusion Cross inserting system and BÖWE Cockpit control software you can be sure that you have the highest net output in the industry. Job changes and changeover times are short – giving you more production time and, ultimately, higher margins. You also need fewer staff, which also reduces operating costs. In short, increased efficiency, higher productivity and lower operating costs.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’d be happy to advise you at any time. Get to know Fusion Cross and our other inserting machines.


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