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The challenge of “small jobs”

Print and mail handling providers are familiar with the problem: print and inserting applications are becoming more customized and varied resulting in smaller individual jobs. In print post-processing in particular this means more setup time breaks in daily production and therefore longer downtime for inserting systems; time when the systems are not earning any money. Necessary manual steps are also making production more complex and expensive and increasing the susceptibility to errors. How can service providers produce economically efficiently bearing this in mind? Automation is the solution here!

Small batch processing software automates these processes and transforms the time-consuming processing of small individual jobs into automated and profitable high-performance production. Downtimes and errors are minimized and the capacity of high-speed inserting systems is therefore used more effectively.


Lots of little jobs? Not a problem.

Small batch processing software allows you to bundle lots of little jobs on one paper roll without manipulating the print stream and processing them efficiently with a speed of up to 22,000 envelopes per hour! The system automatically recognizes when a new job starts and continues production. Once a new job is recognized, the system makes any changes, for example the folder setup, fully automatically. The only time the operator is required to intervene is to change the enclosures or envelopes. At the same time, the software guides the user through the setup processing step by step so that error rates are reduced to a minimum.


White? Get rid of it.

Blank and waste paper areas on a roll are automatically identified and bypassed at high-speed with the help of the software.


Errors? Zero tolerance.

Seamless document monitoring in the system ensures maximum integrity and allows for extensive reporting on a material and job level. Batch data from several systems can be consolidated in higher-level management software, such as BÖWE One and used, for example, for accurate invoices or reprint processing.


Where do I start? We will be happy to help you!

But how do you go get started? With the right partner by your side. We will be happy to assist you in increasing your output center’s productivity! Contact your local BÖWE SYSTEC partner for a no-obligation consultation.


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