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Five reasons why the inserting system Fusion Cross is in­dis­pens­able for direct mail service providers

Print mailings are becoming increasingly differentiated. Due to a personal approach and original design, a special feel or shape, the premium communication product should stand out from its digital counterpart, and gain points with recipients. However, this diversity makes the campaign production complicated and expensive for service providers. In addition, there are increasing expectations from customers, regarding reliability of processing and complete production traceability. A challenge for direct mailers, primarily if manual processes dominate the production. Or maybe not?

The high-performance inserting system Fusion Cross combines these values with the specific mailer requirements for processing enclosures made of a variety of materials, formats and types. This technology enables direct mail service providers to achieve significant increases in efficiency in their production, and therefore significant cost advantages:


1. Non stop flow

The Fusion Cross stands out due to a unique inserting technology, which slows down the actual inserting process by a factor of 4.5. Inserting material and envelopes are constantly in motion. This so-called “Flow-Principle” reduces stops to a minimum, and reliably and safely ensures the highest net output in the industry.


2. Other inserting systems? You could save!

No other inserting system on the market processes such a wide range of envelope formats, with such high productivity. From the smallest formats such as B6+ right up to very large formats such as C4, B4 or flats – all sizes can be processed on one system. The performance capability of this technology also allows you to replace several other inserting systems with one Fusion Cross system.


3. Bring on the future

Who knows today what inserts will be processed in future? No-one really knows exactly. No problem with the Fusion Cross and its enclosure feeders. Whether thin, thick, rough, smooth, glossy, uneven, heavy or extremely light: The Fusion Cross already processes the most diverse enclosures, with a thickness of up to 15 mm and 1 kg completely reliably. This is achieved by the most high performance draw-off on the market. The special highlight: The enclosure feeders sit on a freely configurable device carrier, and are easy to replace and use flexibly in other machines.


4. Just try it

The intuitive control software BÖWE Cockpit makes it easier to prepare and process the orders, automatically carries out format changeovers, and significantly shortens the changeover times. A comprehensive management information system allows an exact production analysis, right up to monitoring every letter processed. And all of that with a simple and intuitive operating interface, based on smartphone apps – simply try it out and off you go!


5. On the path to integrated production

Integrate and automate upstream or downstream work steps that have been carried out separately and manually until now, with the help of further BÖWE SYSTEC technologies. High performance input channels in flexible configurations for the most diverse assembling, folding or stapling applications, modules for variable color envelope printing, sorting functions or integrated post box systems expand the functions of the system, and reduce the need for additional special machines and staff.

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