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Card Logistics & Mailing:

Card Logistics and Mailing
  • Optimize card sequencing for manual output or mailing
  • Automated sortation and dispensing of cards
  • Automated sortation and dispensing of cards
  • Efficient processing of small batch sizes
  • HIgh productivity

Card storage Watermill
for more efficiency

In particular banks and service bureaus are among the many card processors challenged by the trend towards smaller and smaller job sizes. This often results in time-consuming, costly manual sorting practices and card mailing systems working well below their capacity. To optimize card sequencing for manual output or mailing, BÖWE SYSTEC has developed the mass storage device Watermill. It is easily integrated into new or existing BÖWE SYSTEC card mailing systems and is also available as a stand-alone module.


Max. Storage Capacity
1,890 or. 3,780 Cards
Card Types
Embossed | Non-embossed | Personalized | Non-personalized
Card Formats
85.60 x 53.98 x 0.76 mm
Max. Card Thickness
0.76 mm
Card Material
Available configurations
Stand-alone | Integrated in BÖWE SYSTEC card mailing systems

Maximum productivity
through fully au­to­mat­ed pro­cess­ing

The Watermill card storage system is capable of storing a large number of personalized and non-personalized plastic cards from different jobs in an unsorted sequence and dispensing them in the desired order, using the customer database. The operator loads the unsorted plastic cards into Watermill. The cards are stored in random order and dispensed in a database-controlled sequence for further processing. It is no longer necessary to manually pre-sort individual orders, reducing the number of potential errors and production time. Repetitive set-ups for numerous small orders are also a thing of the past.

Watermill can be used
stand-alone or integrated

Watermill is available as a module that can be retrofitted in existing BÖWE SYSTEC card mailing systems, or as a stand-alone module. Where Watermill is integrated into the manufacturing process, for example, all cards intended for a specific recipient can be collated on a single carrier document – independent of the type of card. Stand-alone, Watermill may be used as a mini vault for the fast output of frequently processed card types, for instance. Watermill comes with three or six storage units and holds up to 1,890 or 3,780 cards, respectively. Stored cards can be displayed and managed with the Card Manager control software.


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