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Forward thinking and swift action are essential for growth and success in the global economy. For this reason, you need partners who lead rather than follow. This is where our strength lies. We’re not interested in praise for praise’s sake. We are focused on our customers’ success. We don’t just sell innovative technology. We develop and produce well thought out systems and smart software solutions tailored to individual customer requirements, whether it be for an entry-level system or a fully automated complete solution. As a global technology company supplying automation solutions for 75 years, BÖWE SYSTEC has what it takes to make you an industry leader. We take a cross-industry approach and watch the market closely to ensure you stay ahead of the game.


Not only do we keep an eye on the market constantly, we also have over 1,000 highly qualified and motivated local employees who are dedicated to delivering success every day for our customers. They speak your language and they are familiar with local practices and country-specific requirements. They provide top quality advice and service and are the essential link between us, our customers and markets. Individually and together, this is something that we are proud of.


We have steadily expanded our global presence over more than 75 years. Currently, there are four development centers in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK and we serve our customers through a network of 20 subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Japan plus over 50 general representatives around the world. Our global sales and service network together with our local presence are crucial for our success and that of our customers. We are able to react rapidly and flexibly to local situations, reaching our customers within the shortest possible time and implementing specific solutions on the spot. In order to innovate in product development and deliver competitive advantages to our customers wherever they may be or whatever language they speak, it is essential to think and act internationally.


We have been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Possehl Group since 2010, which gives us entrepreneurial freedom combined with financial security. You want to know more? Visit the Possehl and the Possehl Foundation websites.


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