Our quality standards
in every Detail

The customer sets the standards

This is why our quality aspirations are driven largely by the requirements and wishes of ourcustomers. Far from aiming merely to satisfy expectations, we want to exceed them. And quality affects every single area of our company: market analysis and strategy, planning and development, manufacture and assembly, communications and consulting, customer care and service, as well as many others besides.

The smallest detail counts – everyone plays a part

Each employee assumes responsibility for the quality of the work performed on a daily basis. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies lay the perfect foundations for a successful production environment. Open communications and the ongoing optimization of all corporate processes guarantee premium, leading-edge products and services. That’s the level of quality that our customers expect of us.

Certified quality management

Since 1991, our company has regularly been certified according to the internationally recognized DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standard – a result of the comprehensive and efficient work performed in the field of quality by management as well as all our staff around the globe.


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