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Forschung und Entwicklung

High aspirations

Our teams of developers have been making every effort to create the right solution for you over the past decades. Our customers’ special requirements are the engine that drives us in our daily work. These requirements come directly from the market. Over 80 committed and highly qualified BÖWE SYSTEC employees are engaged in developing hardware and software solutions for the professional mailroom. This has resulted in an extremely modular product portfolio which allows customer require ments to be implemented efficiently.

State of the art


Requirements and applications are constantly changing with the passage of time. We thus set great store by placing our existing sys- tems and modules under close scrutiny at regular intervals: concepts are adapted on an ongoing basis, existing functions enhanced and new technologies incorporated into our systems. This is all done using state-ofthe-art tools such as 3D-CAD, FEM and analysis programs. Development results are validated in line with Six Sigma in our test laboratories with their modern facilities.

Visions for the future

We are already thinking about how the mailroom of the future might look. What does the customer need today and tomorrow? Where will the journey take us? We take our bearings from the spirit of the age. Thus new areas, such as software, have been added over recent decades, while plans have been made to develop others, such as sorting. We aim to act as a trendsetter in respect of existing and new hardware and software products alike, and to become the market leader in these fields.


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