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“Setting up truly world-class direct mail production.”

In the fiercely competitive direct mail market, there is a primary focus on meeting customers service levels at the best possible price.
For providers, this means maximum efficiency of means of production.

For British mailing service provider Howard Hunt in Dartford, the time came at the start of 2016 when a realignment of its hardware became necessary if it were to continue to stay ahead of its competition.

Having reviewed the alternative solutions from various inserter vendors, assessing how much more effective a new system could be compared to their existing systems, Howard Hunt decided to implement a Böwe Fusion Cross Inserting System.

The result? One Fusion Cross System delivers more output than two of Howard Hunt’s existing systems, over a wide range of material types and envelope formats. Being a Böwe system, it brings to the direct mail market the level of integrity historically associated with transactional applications such as bills and statements – vital as the direct mail market moves towards “100% mailings”.

Every Fusion Cross system also contains a powerful and comprehensive Management Information package, which enables Howard Hunt to analyse what has been done.

Howard Hunt is so delighted with their first Fusion Cross system that they want to continue on this journey and have now taken delivery of a second system.

In their search for a new, market-leading system, Howard Hunt Operations Director, Paul Kemp, quickly realized that Fusion Cross was the top choice: “It demonstrated extremely high output and equally high flexibility in the production of direct mailings. Another key point for us was its modular construction, which ensures our investment is protected against changes in the direct mail marketplace.”

Kemp: “The objective was straightforward. Ever-changing product requirements alone were reason enough for us to want to produce large quantities as quickly as possible and with the highest degree of flexibility possible. With the Fusion Cross, BÖWE SYSTEC really has managed to facilitate huge output with incredibly minimal effort within a short time. The next stage of the project is to work with BÖWE SYSTEC to deliver additional productivity gains through automated traying.”

Future upgrades include the addition of alternative high-speed cut sheet or continuous input channels, and the use of roll-fed envelopes using the Tornado system, which featured on the impressive BÖWE SYSTEC exhibit at Drupa 2016.

In Summary

It has been proved that one Fusion Cross system can replace two of the existing systems at Howard Hunt in Dartford – while still offering a boost in performance and speed. While planning and implementing the system, a high-performing partnership grew from the contractor-customer relationship between the two companies, with the declared objective of, according to Paul Kemp, “setting up truly world-class direct mail production.”

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