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packet and parcel sorting solution

BÖWE SYSTEC OptiSorter is a highly versatile packet and parcel sorter that also has the ability to process brochures, catalogues and poly bags. The OptiSorter can incorporate inline features as required: BCR and OCR reading, weighing, volumizing and labeling to increase operational capacity and improved operational efficiencies.

The OptiSorter sorting system is an integrated solution consisting of push tray sorter technology complemented by BÖWE Sort software solution. Key features of the OptiSorter is the system’s versatility and ability to process all mail formats up to 31.5 kg in weight including parcels, packets and Flats.

Ideal sorter for packet and parcel businesses

The OptiSorter’s abilty to process a wide variety of items makes this the ideal solution for packet and parcel businesses. The solution also contains in line weighing and volumizing providing comprehensive data sets for each item processed. The BÖWE Sort OCR offers industry-leading reading technology which incorporates omni-directional OCR and barcode reading capability. The integrated BÖWE Sort software controls the sorter and generates dynamic data reporting with a single interface e.g. in sort scheme strategies, sorter performance and diagnostic information all of which can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Modular parcel sorter

The OptiSorter is available in a wide range of configurations carousel, vertical, horizontal, dog leg or multilevel to meet operational and space constraints in line with business needs. The parcel sorter’s flexible design allows you to customize and expand this sorting solution at minimal downtimes and costs. The OptiSorter can process up to 18,000 trays per hour with noise levels less than <70db, enabling the sorter to be located in a central position within the facility. The push tray technology guarantees a smooth handling of the items into single or double chutes, roll containers, cartons, boxes or totes. Its low energy consumption, simple usage and easy maintenance make this the perfect packet and parcel solution.


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