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  • Ideal for transactional mail
  • Highly flexible
  • Fast, Secure, Efficient
  • Stable processing using pneumatic and servo technologies
  • Eco-friendly, energy-efficienct

The ninth generation
represents perfection

Since introducing the first generation of today's 9G in 1976, BÖWE SYSTEC has continuously updated and improved the inserter’s concept. For the design of the ninth generation, the focus was on energy efficiency and the security of the production process. In line with these market requirements, the ninth generation is the most eco-friendly system in its class and features more than 90 technical improvements. Amid all theses innovations, 9G retains its successful qualities, like gentle handling through vertical transport and the introduction of pneumatic and servo technologies, minimal set-up times through fully automated job changeovers and modularity – and all this while maintaining the highest level of integrity and a throughput of up to 26,000 or 22,000 envelopes per hour.


Envelope Formats
C6 – C5 | #7 3/4 – 6 x 9
Max. Performance
26,000 Env/h
Max. Enclosure Thickness
2 mm | 0.08"
No. of Channels
≥ 1 Channel
Max. Filling Thickness
7 mm | 0.28"

The 9G inserting concept –
fast, gentle and intelligent processing

Vertical transport of materials ensures secure guiding and fast, precise handling of documents. This process reduces not only wear and tear on the material, but also on the machine, guaranteeing reliable performance in continuous operation. Pneumatic and servo technologies increase the precision and security of processing. For 9G, the transport speeds have been harmonized. This improves continuity of the process and enables the production of high print volumes within the shortest time. Highest integrity is achieved by utilizing sensors to locate and identify each and every document within the system.

A sophisticated system
at two different speeds

9G offers integrity, flexibility and productivity at the highest level for high volume mail processing. From document infeed to enclosure handling and post-processing, all production steps are perfectly integrated. This remarkable system is available in two performance classes: At a performance of up to 26,000 envelopes per hour, the 9G 26k is perfect for single-channel applications and high-volume jobs with low page count per envelope. The competitively priced 9G 22k with a performance of up to 22,000 envelopes per hour is ideal for complex single- and multi-channel applications or high-volume jobs. In case mailroom requirements change, upgrading the 9G 22k to 26k is easy.

Tornado envelope unwinder –
efficient roll feeding

The Tornado will streamline the efficiency of any mailroom: The unwinder for continuous infeed of envelopes ensures high productivity. The Tornado automatically feeds envelopes into the inserting system in a continuous flow for a prolonged period of time, resulting in reduced operator workload and a clear increase in efficiency in the mailroom. The Tornado unwinder has a capacity of up to 25,000 envelopes per roll in C5 or 6 x 9 format or up to 40,000 envelopes in C6/5-, DL or #10 formats respectively. That makes it the perfect solution for higher volume projects with standard envelopes.

Tailor-made solutions
for every requirement

The requirements for the mailroom continue to become more and more complex and the demand for more flexible machines continues to grow. That is why the 9G shows its versatility in every way. Beginning with both compact and competitively priced basic version up to sophisticated high-performance systems, the 9G provides the perfect solution for any application and for every production mailing center. The modularity of the 9G also allows the adaptation of the systems to the floor space available and existing processing procedures. Take advantage of our years of experience as a mailroom specialist and discover the flexible inserting system 9G guaranteeing secure and fast processing of your documents – we are pleased to provide advice!



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