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Fusion Speed

  • High processing volumes
  • Highest net output in the industry
  • Patented Flow-Principle
  • Consistent automation
  • Intuitive control & network-ready


Complex jobs, a wide range of formats and enclosures, those infamous "last minute" orders; anyone who wants to survive and thrive in this demanding business really has to have technology that keeps pace with the ever-increasing requirements. A high level of automation, stable and reliable processing, together with high net output are the order of the day. That’s why BÖWE SYSTEC developed the Fusion Series – a solution that is ideal for mailing and transaction users. Now and in the future.


Envelope Formats
B6+ – B5 | #7 3/4 – 6 x 9
Max. Performance
30,000 Env/h
Max. Enclosure Thickness
15 mm | 0.59"
No. of Channels
1 Channel
Max. Filling Thickness
15 mm | 0.59"


The Fusion Series’ new Fusion Speed offers top speeds of up to 30,000 envelopes per hour and really lives up to its name. With a maximum speed of 30,000 envelopes per hour, the Fusion Speed is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most efficient inserting systems on the market. It can handle formats from B6+ to B5 and #7 3/4 to 6 x 9, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of enclosure processing and its performance parameters mean that it delivers the highest net output in the industry. It will pay for itself in no time at all.

All the Fusion Series systems owe their capabilities to their unique Flow-Principle inserting technology, in which the filling speed is slowed down by a factor of 4.5 so that the actual inserting process is allowed more time. This means a variety of envelope formats and complex enclosures can be handled non-stop in an extremely stable and reliable production flow. The combination of this unique technology and a smart software package turns these inserters into intelligent systems. Top of the range inserting, with just one platform for all applications.


In order to allow its operators to keep pace with this level of performance and to give full rein to the Fusion Speed’s capabilities, the machine comes with a high level of automation and paves the way to the automated mail production center. So, for example, the BoxIT postal tray system is already integrated as standard. BoxIT takes filled envelopes and automatically places them in postal trays. Numerous other options for automating up- or downstream processes, as well as ones that have been carried out manually up until now expand the function of this system and also smooth the way to higher output – but with fewer staff.


However, productivity and flexibility are not just a question of speed. The Fusion Speed and its sister systems, Fusion Cross and Fusion Lite, really come into their own in combination with smart software. Intuitive BÖWE Cockpit control software greatly simplifies the preparation and execution of jobs. Format changes are handled automatically, changeover and therefore down times are cut to a minimum, errors avoided. Small batch processing software allows multiple small jobs to be processed seamlessly and non-stop off the roll. These smart systems can be networked with each other and controlled intuitively, and it is this level of intelligence that paves the way to the automated yet highly flexible mail production center of tomorrow. The industry of tomorrow in the best sense!


The Fusion Speed is the ideal system for anyone who doesn’t need to process large formats but requires maximum output with a minimum of staff. Advantages at a glance:


  • One system platform for all applications
  • Fastest and most efficient system on the market
  • Highest net output in the industry
  • Stable, non-stop production
  • Ideal for high processing volumes
  • Broad application spectrum and high flexibility
  • Consistent automation paves the way to the automated mail production center
  • Smart & networked production


Make your mail production center fit for the future and discover the Fusion Series’ Fusion Speed. With its inserting technology of the future it’s the only one you’ll need from now on.

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