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Civica Election Services invests in Fusion Cross inserter

Civica Election Services, the UK’s leading provider of election services, has invested in a state-of-the-art Fusion Cross inserter from BOWE SYSTEC at their North London Site. With over 100 years' experience of administering elections, ballots and consultation processes, Civica Election Services design print and mail millions of voting packs each month.

The BOWE SYSTEC Fusion Cross provides a unique revolutionary approach to inserting offering one type of inserter to process all types of formats. No other system is as flexible or handles such a wide spectrum of envelope formats and filling thicknesses with speeds of up to 22K per hour.

The intuitive control software BÖWE Cockpit makes it easier to prepare and process the orders, automatically carries out format changeovers, and significantly shortens the changeover times. A comprehensive management information system allows an exact production analysis, right up to monitoring every letter processed. And all of that with a simple and intuitive operating interface, based on smartphone apps. Fusion Cross systems can be interconnected. Job and material descriptions are thus available at the same time on other machines of this type, the systems automatically adapted to the respective applications.

Civica Election Services made this important investment to increase capacity and improve productivity and efficiency. The revolutionary BOWE SYSTEC Fusion Cross inserter enables Civica Election Services to process a range of different job specifications, utilising the technology’s ability to handle a wide variety of formats from DL to C5 and up to C4 flats at high speed.

Simon Hearn, Managing Director of Civica Election Services, said: "Civica Election Services continuously invests in technology to ensure we deliver the best possible service for our customers. This important investment allows us to further increase capacity and improve productivity and efficiency. With the integrity of the machine, this enables us to provide our customers with an even higher quality product. We are very pleased with how the new inserter has performed, along with the training and support provided by BOWE SYSTEC UK."

Adrian Latham, Account Manager at BOWE SYSTEC UK comments: “We are delighted that Civica Election Services chose the Fusion Cross as their first BOWE SYSTEC inserter. We look forward to working together and forging a proactive relationship. We will support Civica Election Services with ongoing engagement from our Client Relationship Manager and the support of our UK-wide service organisation. As with all our customers our focus is to deliver best in class return on investment and vastly reduce the cost per mail piece across all applications.“


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