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Besucher auf den Exclusive Days 2018

Inspiring technology at the Exclusive Days 2018

On April 18 2018, over 300 international guests took up the BÖWE SYSTEC invitation to the Exclusive Days at its Augsburg Headquarters – a response that not even the company had expected. However, it should not really have come as a surprise, since this manufacturer of technologies for inserting, plastic card processing, as well as letter and parcel sorting was not just showing its latest machines but a series of exciting solution concepts for the different challenges faced in the markets.

“We’re not a machinery manufacturer but a technology company”, explained Joachim Koschier, Managing Director of BÖWE SYSTEC, during his words of welcome to the Exclusive Days 2018. “Our goal is to use our know-how to develop the right solutions for the challenges our customers face so as to give them an edge in their own market. We are really thrilled that so many of you have joined us today so that together we can work out which solutions and technologies meet your individual requirements.” In order to ensure that these technologies continue to lead the way, BÖWE SYSTEC spent seven million euros in 2017 alone on research and development and, as the 300 inspired visitors who came to Augsburg showed, it was money very well spent.

Fusion Cross, an audience magnet

One of the challenges that many BÖWE SYSTEC customers are confronted by in both the mailing and the transactional markets is the need to be able to handle ever smaller inserting batches efficiently and reliably. The Fusion Cross high-speed inserting system showed how this can be done. It stands out not just through its ability to deal with a broad spectrum of formats and enclosures but also through processing that is reliable and handles materials gently. Its Small Batch Processing Software allows a whole series of small jobs to be bundled together on a reel and efficiently processed at a speed of up to 22,000 envelopes per hour, with the system itself being able to detect when a new job starts. Any necessary adjustments are carried out completely automatically and all the operator has to do is switch envelopes or inserts as and when required. Apart from this, production proceeds without any delays. Blank and waste paper between jobs are also automatically identified and bypassed of the stream at full speed.

Bill Gaddy, Senior Director at Broadridge Financial Solution Inc., headquartered in New York, is a convinced user of the Fusion Cross, and in his keynote he spoke about the system’s flexibility and profitability. Broadridge, a large US service provider, uses the Fusion Cross for both transactional mailings and also to insert products such as annual reports and financial booklets economically.
In her talk, Edith Magyarics from Victor Buck Services in Luxembourg went even further and spoke about how the Fusion Cross was playing a really fundamental role in her company’s move towards the ‘smart factory’. Its comprehensive monitoring functions and networking capabilities make it the perfect production system for the industry of the future, according to Edith Magyarics.

The new 9G inserting system showed what it is able to do for the transactional segment. When designing it, energy efficiency and processing reliability were the primary considerations and as a result it is the most environmentally friendly system in its class. It offers a host of innovative features such as vertical transport for gentle materials handling or the use of pneumatic and servo technologies, fully automatic job set-up to minimize changeover times and modular design. All coupled with maximum integrity and a throughput of up to 26,000 or 22,000 envelopes per hour. The fully flexible 9G is complemented by two standard configurations, the 9G Basic and the 9G Smart. These two models combine simple handling with highly efficient processing, a small footprint and an attractive price that even small companies can afford. 

There was also something new to discover in the field of card processing. The flexible Pace 4 – 6 – 9 card mailing system is able to grow as production volumes rise and it can process up to 4,000, 6,000 or 9,000 cards per hour, depending upon requirements. Pace is totally modular in its design and can be upgraded at any time. In combination with the Watermill card store, which can be integrated into the system, Pace ensures efficient processing. With an integrated Watermill, the process allows all cards intended for one recipient to be applied to a single carrier sheet, regardless of card type.

Mail sorting world premiere

BÖWE SYSTEC was able to stage a world premiere in the field of mail sortation. The new Simex Flexi, which is due to be installed at PostModern in Dresden, is the perfect solution for the efficient and reliable processing of mixed mail, that is letters ranging from C6 to B4 and a maximum thickness of 20 millimeters. With a throughput of up to 30,000 mailings per hour, the system is also able to process products such as magazines, newspapers, catalogues or even poly-wrapped items with the same degree of efficiency. Modular in design, it can be expanded at any time and individually tailored to customer requirements. Like all BÖWE SYSTEC sorting systems, it is controlled by intuitive BÖWE Sort software.

The growing sales of Amazon, Zalando and their like demonstrate how the e-commerce sector is growing and so to therefore are the numbers of packages that have to be processed every day. Here too, BÖWE SYSTEC has the right sorting solution in its portfolio in the form of the OptiSorter. To help cut investment costs, the company has developed a completely new weighing module for it. Instead of fitting every feeder with a set of scales, as previously, the new module is directly integrated into the sorter and weighs the individual items without any decrease in processing speed.
With its fully automatic processing and special Push-Tray technology, the OptiSorter is able to handle packages from places such as China that lie outside current standards. Even round items pose no problem for the OptiSorter. It can cope with weights of up to 31.5 kilograms without any disruption or damage to the product.

New field: serialization

BÖWE SYSTEC is also ahead of the field when it comes to transferring its know-how to other applications. The new EU Directive (FMD) that comes into force in February 2019 is posing challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Designed to counter falsified products more effectively, this Directive will require every single piece of packaging for medicines to bear an individual code, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistics companies will need a reliable serialization and decommissioning system in order to satisfy its requirements. BÖWE SYSTEC has the answer. The new system benefits from the manufacturer’s comprehensive Track and Trace know-how and combines the key functions in a single module.  

New look for BÖWE SYSTEC

BÖWE SYSTEC launched a new website and a brand-new look to coincide with the Exclusive Days 2018. A fresh green, modern imagery and a site that is open and engaging provide the perfect background for the latest technologies and emphasize how the company is setting the pace in its market. 


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