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 Push-Trays of the Optisorter Horizontal

Packet & Parcel Sorting: Less is more

Where do you want to be in three years’ time? This is the question that BÖWE SYSTEC asked the Romanian logistics company Sameday, which has expanded rapidly from a two-man operation to 1,000 employees and has big plans.

Sameday has grown from small beginnings. In 2012 Lucian Baltaru began his career in a garage, just like Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. However, it’s now quite some time since Sameday has been a small player. In fact the company has just recently won two awards, one for the 2018 Manager of the Year and the other for the Fastest Growing Company. Today the company has a turnover of €30m (US$34m) and has moved from the garage to two large production halls located in Romania’s capital, Bucharest. Until recently the company sorted everything by hand and had 40 people dealing with e-commerce deliveries. Sorting by hand is not always reliable and the company’s rapid growth could not be sustained doing things manually.


Operation strengths

In September 2018 Sameday opted for two BÖWE SYSTEC OptiSorter packet sorting solutions. One is configured horizontally and the other vertically. The vertical OptiSorter is being used to support the crossbelt sorter, which can’t handle all the irregularly shaped items. The vertical sorter is also a space-saving solution. The strength of the horizontal OptiSorter lies in its broad width, which enables it to sort all current types and sizes of deliveries. The OptiSorters are able to handle items of any kind from light letters to large, heavy parcels weighing up to 31.5kg (70 lb), irregularly shaped deliveries and polybags of all types. The key lies in the relatively slow speed of 1.1m/s (3.2ft/s) and the specially shaped push trays, which protect light or round deliveries from falling. This unique push-tray technology ensures a reliable and gentle sorting process with a minimal rejection rate. At the same time, the low power consumption and the maintenance requirements reduce running costs. Tomas Veigl, managing director of BÖWE SYSTEC Austria, says, “The BÖWE SYSTEC systems offer a scalable solution that in two years’ time will be able to deliver a throughput that is several times that of today without costing several times as much. We offer technology that is both fit for purpose and relatively simple.”


The results

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and has paid off in this scenario. What was previously manually sorted by 40 people is now dealt with by a quarter of that number and two OptiSorters. In 5.5 hours it is possible to get through what once took a whole working shift. Fewer staff, faster sorting and reliable processing are the result. It means that around 7,000 postal items are being processed per hour – some 40,000 per day. Sameday was also attracted by lower servicing costs and cost per sorted item. BÖWE SYSTEC’s OptiSorters have not only enabled Sameday to save on labor costs but also to increase its efficiency and its capabilities – and all at a relatively moderate cost. “The greatest benefit we have gained from the OptiSorters is that we can handle more parcels at peak times, and this has enabled us to win new customers.” concludes Baltaru.


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