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Packet & Parcel Sorting:
OptiSorter Vertical

Packet and Parcel Sorting
  • Space saving design
  • smooth and efficient sorting process
  • Unique Push-Tray technology
  • processes a wide variety of items
  • Easy operation

The space saving
sorting solution

The vertical OptiSorter is designed as a space saving solution. Despite its small footprint, the vertical OptiSorter has the capabilities of a high-performance system and can handle the majority of applications incurring in sorting centres. As a highly versatile sorting system, the OptiSorter has the ability to process all mail formats including parcels, packets and Flats. Even bulky, unusual items including cross border items sourced from China pose no problems for the system as a result of its unique sorting technology. The system’s abilty to process a wide variety of items up to 31.5 kg makes this the ideal solution for packet and parcel businesses as well as for logistics, e-commerce, warehousing and distribution companies.


Product Dimensions
50 x 50 x 1 – 800 x 600 x 600 mm
Max. Item Weight
31.5 kg
Max. Performance
15,750 items/h | 1.5 m/s
Reading Technology
Intuitive Operation with BÖWE Sort

High performance in
the smallest space

The vertical OptiSorter uses our innovative Push-Tray technology, just like the horizontal OptiSorter, in order to deliver an outstandingly reliable and gentle sorting process. It is this technology that makes the OptiSorter such a strong choice: Because it is this technology that allows the sorter to handle this enormous bandwidth of shapes and sizes. It is also possible to integrate a whole host of functions into the OptiSorter in order to further optimize internal processes, including OCR reading or barcode scanning, weighing, volume measurement or labeling – in line with industry 4.0/automation. The intuitive BÖWE Sort operating software complements the sorting machine and lays the foundation for enormous productivity increases. Low energy consumption, simple operation and maintenance make the OptiSorter Vertical another future-proof investment.

Do you need high performance
in a confined space?

If so, the vertical OptiSorter is the one for you:

  • For any company looking for top performance in a small space
  • Despite its compact configuration, the vertical OptiSorter has all the capabilities of a high performance and versatile sorting system
  • The OptiSorter Vertical is our cost-effective alternative to linear sorters
  • Just like the horizontal OptiSorter, it can automatically handle anything from the smallest business card right up to bags of dog food

If you need total flexibility and maximum parcel sorting efficiency in order to cope with the rising volumes of parcels in more and more shapes and sizes that need to be delivered over shorter and shorter timescales then look no further than the horizontal OptiSorter!


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