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Packet & Parcel Sorter:
OptiSorter Horizontal

Packet and Parcel Sorting
  • Unique push tray technology
  • smooth and efficient handling
  • modular Design
  • sorts a wide variety of items
  • omni-directional OCR & BCR
  • intutive operation

Highly versatile
Sorting System

The unique sorting technology of the OptiSorter sorter offers professional and reliable sorting at the highest possible levels. The system’s abilty to process a wide variety of items up to 31.5 kg, including catalogues, polywrapped products, goods and packages, makes this the ideal solution for packet and parcel businesses as well as for logistics, e-commerce, warehousing and distribution companies. Even unusual items, such as bulky or round goods as well as cross border items sourced from China pose no problems for the system as a result of its unique sorting technology.


Tray Sizes
150 x 200 – 700 x 900 mm
Max. Item Weight
31.5 kg
Max. Performance
18,000 items/h | 1.1 m/s
Reading Technology
Modular design
Intuitive Operation with BÖWE Sort


At a throughput rate of up to 18,000 items per hour, the OptiSorter’s push tray technology ensures smooth and efficient handling with low reject rates. Easy and intuitive operation is guaranteed by the integrated BÖWE Sort sorting software which controls the sorter and generates dynamic data reporting with a single interface. Industry-leading BCR and OCR reading technology guarantee the highest reading rates throughout the whole sorting process. Thanks to its modular design, this sorting solution can be perfectly adapted to individual customer requirements. Its low energy consumption and simple usage and easy maintenance make the OptiSorter an ideal investment for today and tomorrow.

Modular design
to meet individual needs

Thanks to the OptiSorter’s modular design, this sorting solution can be perfectly adapted to individual customer requirements or retrofitted at any time. It can contain features as required, such as inline weighing and volume measuring providing comprehensive data sets for each item processed. The BÖWE Sort OCR offers industry-leading reading technology which incorporates omnidirectional OCR, barcode and handwriting reading capability. The OptiSorter is available in a wide range of configurations such as carousel, vertical, horizontal, dog-leg or multilevel to meet operational and space constraints in line with business needs. Its flexible design allows you to customize and expand this sorting solution at any time. The push tray technology guarantees a smooth handling of the items into single or double chutes, roll containers, cartons, boxes, totes or mailbags. Besides integrating dynamic weighing in the automatic infeed channel, it can also be integrated in the sorter to save costs.



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