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Packet & Parcel
Sorting Systems

International online business is booming. This poses enormous challenges not only for courier and parcel delivery services, the distribution centers are also groaning under the rising volume of packets, shorter and shorter delivery times and the increasing variety of items that need to be handled. In order to ensure parcels and packets reach their recipients as rapidly and reliably as possible, sorting centers need efficient and flexible solutions that optimize and automate their processes. Grab your slice of the cake and turn the online boom into a WOW – with BÖWE SYSTEC sorting solutions.

BÖWE SYSTEC solutions automate the entire length of the process chain, from the receipt of goods, through sorting to dispatch. Whatever the challenge that confronts you, we are a one stop shop for cleverly designed systems and smart software that will turbocharge your processes from start to finish.



Induction technology
for parcel sorting

Goods need to be received efficiently if a post and packet center is to perform to the maximum. Telescopic conveyors, scissor conveyors and unloading aids shorten the throughput times at the loading ramp and are easy to operate. Singulators, tippers or divert units all help to singulate large product streams efficiently. The right choice of conveyor technology is the key to forwarding all items to the sorter as rapidly and securely as possible. Whether roller, chain or belt conveyor, we will find the right solution for your incoming goods that increase productivity.

Fast and secure unloading

The receipt of goods is a fundamental step that precedes all downstream internal transport, sorting and picking processes. This makes it all the more important to adopt the right solutions for unloading incoming parcels and packets from trucks rapidly and securely. BÖWE SYSTEC offers a whole series of solutions for the efficient receipt of goods, whether involving manual or automated unloading. Height-adjustable scissor roller conveyors and various unloading aids facilitate the manual unloading process for a wide range of consignment sizes. Telescopic conveyors are often used for automated unloading. They provide a robust and ergonomic solution for loading and unloading at loading bridges or ramps. Extension and retraction are motorized and speeds of 1,200 packets per hour are easily achievable and the turnaround time per vehicle can often be reduced by up to 30 percent. Their compact, retractable design means that telescopic conveyors are also suitable for smaller parcel and distribution centers. Get in touch with us and we will create the ideal link between your transport and internal logistics.

Singulating large product streams efficiently

Singulation means turning a mass of packages, containers and polybags into a linear stream that can be fed into a sorter. Singulators can handle a broad product spectrum and adjust the speed of the packet stream to the changing replenishment requirements of the downstream sorter’s guidance units. In doing so, they help to keep manual intervention and monitoring of the operation to a minimum.

Roller, chain link or belt conveyors: Choose the optimum conveyor technology

Conveyor systems are responsible for the smooth flow of materials from the arrival of goods to their dispatch. Roller conveyors generally transport the goods over  product specific rollers to their destination. Their modular design means that roller conveyors can easily be configured to suit particular spatial conditions. They are usually driven by motorized rollers or drive stations beneath the conveyor. Belt conveyors are another way of optimizing your internal workflows and these can run not just in straight lines but also around bends and up inclines. However, if significant changes in height need to be achieved in limited space then lifters or screw conveyors are the best choice. Lifters use stroke drives to overcome height differences whilst screw conveyors adopt the Archimedes screw principle. 

BÖWE SYSTEC solutions automate the entire process chain in your sorting center – discover our flexible sorting systems and efficient solutions for optimizing your delivery of items. 


Sorting centers require efficient and flexible sortation solutions to improve and to automate their processes so that packets and parcels are delivered to their recipients as fast and as reliably as possible. BÖWE SYSTEC sorting systems can do just that. Our packet and parcel sorting systems offer fully automated processing from incoming goods to dispatch. The space-saving design and the variety of ways in which they can be used make these sorting systems efficient solutions for any parcel center. Our sortation systems are even able to deal with round or unusually shaped consignments thanks to their unique sorting technology. A wide range of possible configurations guarantees a high degree of flexibility and individual solutions can be created for all requirements and site conditions. We do not content ourselves with standard designs here! The parcel sorting portfolio is rounded off by the fully integrated BÖWE Sort sorting software.


The emphasis with the OptiSorter Horizontal is on flexibility and efficiency. It is able to reliably and gently process an enormous bandwidth of items from business cards and lipsticks to banana boxes. Consignments as heavy as 31.5 kg pose no problem for this functionally reliable system and its Push-Tray technology. The OptiSorter Horizontal is our answer to common Cross-Belt or Tilt-Tray sorters at significantly lower costs.

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The OptiSorter Vertical is the best choice for those who are looking for top performance but with limited space. Despite its compact configuration, the vertical OptiSorter features all the capabilities of a high-performance and versatile sorting system, and it offers a cost-effective alternative to a linear sorter. Like the horizontal OptiSorter, it is able to automatically cope with a whole array of items from the smallest business card up to bags of dog food thanks to its unique push-tray technology.

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Redefine efficiency with the OptiSorter Split-Tray sorting system for small parcels and light goods, which really comes into its own when sorting clothing, books, pharmaceuticals or jewelry. Light items weighing up to 5 kg are processed quickly and gently no matter what their shape. With two compartments per tray, the optional Double Split-Tray sorter enhances productivity even further by doubling throughput to up to 16,000 items per hour without having to extend the compact parcel sorting machine.

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The BÖWE SYSTEC Pusher Sorter is suitable for anywhere where sorting needs to be handled reliably in the minimum of space. Its linear design allows it to fit into any warehouse, sorting or distribution center. Ideal for the sorting of small to medium-sized items weighing up to 15 kilograms, it stands out for its simple and efficient handling, from installation and control to servicing. Capable of up to 5,000 items per hour, the Pusher Sorter is the perfect entry-level solution for the automated sorting of parcels and goods.

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The Arm Sorter is one of the most cost-effective sorting solutions on the market. Capable of speeds of up to 2,500 items per hour, it is ideal for parcel sorting and logistics centers processing smaller volumes. Its unbeatable price-performance ratio and modular design make it the perfect solution for smaller depots or hubs. Concentrating on the essentials, the Arm Sorter’s simple configuration brings with it a number of advantages such as quick installation and commissioning, simple operation and easy servicing.

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performance spectrum
Packet sorting solutions

DISPATCH & Shipping
in packet sorting

The smooth organization of dispatch is crucial for the overall efficiency of the flow of materials in the parcel sorting business. It is here that all the streams come together. BÖWE SYSTEC’s discharge solutions ensure that goods are sorted gently and precisely. Divert units automatically and gently change the direction of an item and steer it to its right destination. Single, double or tilting chutes in the innovative BÖWE design ensure that the goods leave the sorter in the best possible condition. Whether goods are then loaded directly on the truck or on to trolleys or pallets, we optimize your dispatch processes.

Gentle bypassing reduces complaints

Handling goods gently reduces the number of complaints. Consequently, BÖWE SYSTEC offers a number of different chutes in order to route goods of all sizes quickly and securely towards pallets, stores, trolleys or sacks. Whether single, double, storage or tilting – all BÖWE chutes offer optimum sliding characteristics and particular high wear resistance.

Efficient loading – the final link in the chain

A variety of conveyors and belts again play an important role when loading the vans and trucks that will take the goods to their final destination. Scissor rollers and telescopic conveyors significantly speed up loading and improve the ergonomics of the final step. Compact design means that such solutions are also ideally suited to smaller packet and distribution centers. Whatever your requirements or site conditions, we will find the best dispatch solution for you. 

BÖWE SYSTEC solutions automate the entire parcel center production chain — you should also take a look at our flexible sorting systems and efficient solutions for optimizing the receipt of goods.  


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