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International online sales are booming but this poses enormous challenges not just for letter and parcel services but distribution centers too, which are groaning under the pressure of increasing parcel volumes, shorter and shorter delivery times and the ever-greater variety of products. In order to be able to deliver packets and parcels to their recipients as quickly and reliably as possible, sorting centers require efficient and flexible solutions. BÖWE SYSTEC sorting systems automate and optimize your processes. Our parcel sorting systems offer fully automated processing, from goods receiving via sorting to shipping. Space-saving design and a variety of usage options make these sorting systems an efficient solution for any parcel center. Even round or unusual items pose no problems for the system as a result of its unique sorting technology. Varied configuration options guarantee a high degree of flexibility and offer individual solutions for all requirements and centre conditions. We don’t just offer standard designs. Our parcel sorting portfolio is complemented by fully integrated BÖWE Sort sorting software.

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