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Software Solutions

Trends such as globalization or digitization are changing the world and business. They are leading to new products, altered processes and workflows and the emergence of new business models. This all makes increased demands on the software. Consequently, BÖWE SYSTEC offers smart, flexible software solutions across the whole of its product range in order to put you in the best possible position to handle tomorrow’s production.

BÖWE SYSTEC’s high performance and intuitive software smooths the way for optimal cooperation between man and machine and creates a foundation for smart automation through the comprehensive digital networking of production, as well as delivering relevant data in real time in order to identify potential for improvement. Consistent software design across all BÖWE SYSTEC systems and its intuitive operation also makes considerable productivity improvements possible.


Orbiter software platform

BÖWE SYSTEC has succeeded in making the advantages of modern software usable in an industrial environment through its Orbiter software platform. The complex programming of BÖWE SYSTEC systems is a thing of the past. Nowadays it is easy to control your production by means of clear, simple to operate apps.



Intuitive system operation

BÖWE’s Cockpit control software allows the intuitive control and simple set up of our inserting and card mailing systems. Complex programming procedures are no more. All you have to do is describe the material being processed for the machines to be set up for the production process. This in turn makes fast job change-overs possible. Finally, the software minimizes training requirements, reduces downtimes and errors, and so makes it more efficient to use. Even the processing of variable, short runs can be turned into profitable, high-speed production.



Networked production

BÖWE One offers a host of central, cross-system functions in the inserting and card mailing sector, providing the answers to all the requirements of an Automated Document Factory (ADF). Enjoy the advantages of networked production and optimize your processes across systems and sites using precise, real time data, and do so, if required, at your convenience via tablet or smartphone at any time or from any location. By analyzing data it is possible to plan workflows even more effectively. Free capacity can be identified and resources better utilized. Database controlled production also means that you do not miss anything: seamless item tracking guarantees 100 per cent integrity.


Sorting made simple

The Orbiter software platform has also been accompanied by the introduction of a new generation of software for post and parcel sorting: BÖWE Sort. This flexible software allows solutions to be tailored to individual requirements. BÖWE Sort is also capable of being integrated into an overall ERP system very effectively. Consistent software design across all BÖWE SYSTEC systems and its intuitive operation form the basis for substantial productivity improvements. Sorting runs are set up in minutes, processes can be monitored across systems and sites. Additional features such as automated return processing or walk sequencing further improve your sorting processes.


Using Track & Trace to counter product piracy

Product piracy is widespread in global markets. As a Track & Trace specialist with over 30 years of experience, we have developed serialization solutions that can be used anywhere that counterfeiting needs to be stopped. BÖWE SYSTEC Track & Trace software offers 100% accurate and revision secure data processing. It also guarantees that the location of any product will be known at any time and that not a single serial number will be issued more than once anywhere in the world. The open interface Track & Trace software can be individually tailored to customer requirements and with our software there is no barrier to the networking across borders that will be a part of the industry of the future.


Warehousing pays

Only a company that delivers at the right time, at the right place and at the right quality can satisfy the expectations of its customers. This is true for the industry, for retail and, above all, for e-commerce; where speed and flexibility in the handling of goods are decisive. Combined with our innovative software and Auto-ID products, our warehousing solutions offer a fully automated solution for your intralogistics. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Warehouse Control System (WCS) control and monitor every step of the process and create transparency. They unlock the potential for optimization and open up seamless real-time tracking by using barcode, RFID or voice-assisted technologies.