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OptiSorter Split-Tray

Packet and Parcel Sorting
  • Smart Split-Tray technology
  • Sorts light goods rapidly & in the minimum of space
  • Broad processing spectrum
  • Twice the throughput with Double Split-Tray
  • Modular design & intuitive operation
  • Low TCO

Need to sort light items and
in the minimum of space?

You can do just that with the BÖWE SYSTEC OptiSorter Split-Tray! The new BÖWE SYSTEC sorting system is specifically designed to sort light items weighing up to 5 kilograms. Unlike Tilt-Tray or Cross-Belt sorters, with this kind of sorter, which is also known as a Bomb-Bay sorter, the items are dropped flat through a trap door into the distribution containers positioned to receive them, where they are ready for further processing. The Split-Tray sorter really comes into its own in e-commerce, omni-channel, retail fulfillment, mail or pharmaceuticals. Its specially shaped trays allow this innovative parcel sorting machine to handle not only all the usual standards but also products such as flat or individual items, small packages, garments, books, pharmaceuticals, polybags, multimedia items or jewelry. Even irregularly shaped or round items can be easily processed – at speeds of up to 8,000 items per hour by the Single Split-Tray version. For higher volumes there is the Double Split-Tray sorter with two compartments per tray. Twice the number of compartments means twice the throughput, with up to 16,000 items per hour, even though the overall size of the sorting system remains the same.


Product Dimensions
50 x 50 x 1 – 800 x 600 x 200 mm
Max. Item Weight
5 kg
Max. Performance
8,000 or 16,000 items/h | 1.0 m/s
Reading Technology
Modular design
Intuitive Operation with BÖWE Sort

A sorting tray
for every application

Extreme flexibility is a major plus of the OptiSorter Split-Tray. The Single Split-Tray is suitable for transporting larger items, whilst the Double Split-Tray variant allows the system to perform to its maximum potential. Since the Double Split-Tray sorter has two compartments per tray, it has twice the capacity, which cuts the processing time. Double Split-Tray sorting systems allow two smaller items to be transported in the same tray, thus doubling the throughput, even though the overall size of the package sorter remains the same. The flaps open independently of each other, so that two items placed on the same tray can still be transported into different containers. The items fall flat and gently directly into the distribution container, box or mailbag.

Flexible and scalable
sorting solutions

Internal processes need to be configured flexibly enough to be able to react to short-term or unforeseen customer requirements or market demands. BÖWE SYSTEC has therefore focused on ensuring that its sorting systems are both simple and flexible, allowing retrofitting at any time. Their modular design guarantees that the machines can always be customized and tailored to satisfy the changing demands of warehouse logistics and they can be easily adapted to the existing and often confined architecture of any plant. Good planning really does save money and it pays to make the best possible use of the existing space since the lowest possible footprint per sorted item has a positive impact on the return-on-investment (ROI). Additional features of the Split-Tray sorter make sorting even simpler: integrated weight and volume measurement provides comprehensive data about every individual item for further processing. The industry-leading BÖWE Sort OCR reading technology allows OCR and barcode reading in any direction and guarantees the highest reading rates for machine and handwritten script.

Intuitive to operate
sortation systems

All OptiSorter parcel sorting machines are controlled by fully integrated BÖWE Sort sorting software. This allows intuitive control of the system and dynamic reporting via a single interface. The consistent design of the software across all BÖWE SYSTEC systems as well as the intuitive way in which they can be operated leads to substantial productivity gains. Sorting runs can be set up in the minimum of time and processes monitored from end to end.

Optimal goods flow
thanks to smart warehouse logistics

Innovative Auto-ID systems including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) and serialization solutions are further elements in the portfolio of this automation company, ensuring the transparent and smooth internal flow of goods, with RFID being used to track items throughout in real time.


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